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What to Look for in a Roofing Estimate

If you are looking to install a new roof or hire someone for repairs, there are several things to consider when getting estimates. You want to hire a roofing company that provides reliable and affordable work with long-lasting results. Let’s take a closer look at how to get the best results for your next roofing project.


What Should You Look for in a Roofing Estimate?


Several factors will impact your roofing estimates. You want to be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Here are some things to consider when comparing estimates:


Roofing Material


The type of roof you should install depends on a variety of factors. Since different climates impact your roofing materials in different ways, you need to be sure you pick a suitable option for your location. If you are replacing an existing roof, there is likely a much more extensive selection of materials since you installed your last roof.


Make sure you compare estimates that include the same type of roofing materials. You should also consider how different materials can bring you the best results in the long run. For example, solar tiles can lower electricity costs. Metal roofing is more expensive upfront but can last up to five decades when properly maintained. Contact a Roofer in Temecula.


Budget Restrictions


There’s a big difference between what you need and what you want when it comes to your roofing budget. While budget restrictions unquestionably come into play, don’t be too quick to discuss your budget before your roofing contractor gives you some options. Of course, different materials come with extra costs. But some roofing contractors will encourage you to choose a low-cost material just to make the most of your budget for their labor costs. While your budget restrictions should be considered, discuss ballpark prices of different materials before you discuss your budget.



Additional Costs


You should always read the fine print before signing any contract, especially when it comes to a roofing contractor. Before you compare estimates, make sure they all account for the exact costs. If you are replacing or repairing your roof, did your contractor factor in the price of old material removal and cleanup? Some regions charge for acquiring a permit. Is this included in your estimate? You should also ask what to expect for future maintenance. While it might be great to save money on materials upfront, ongoing maintenance can cost you a substantial amount of money over time.


Quality Workmanship


Of course, the quality of the work you get also holds a lot of weight. Make sure you have estimates from reliable roofing contractors who are licensed and insured in your state. Proposals vary from contractor to contractor, so check each contractor’s portfolio to ensure you’re getting the best quality for your money. Check into some previous projects to evaluate customer satisfaction. The higher the quality of the service, the more value you get for your money.


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How Can I Avoid Probate?

Probate can be a long and tedious process. Like any legal procedure, the probate process can take months to complete. For this reason, many people take specific steps to avoid the probate process.

If you are planning your estate, there are several steps you can take now to help your loved ones avoid the probate process. Let’s explore!

How Can I Avoid the Probate Process?

Talk to your probate attorney to see what you can do now to help your loved ones avoid the probate process in the future. Here are some ways to avoid probate:

Living Trust

Trusts are legal entities that assign a third party to manage your assets on behalf of your beneficiaries. While there are several types of trusts that can be created, a living trust allows you to avoid the probate process.

A living trust is similar to most other trusts, except for one significant difference. The trustor is alive when they make the agreement. This allows you to benefit from the trust while you’re alive but still passes your assets to your beneficiary when you pass away. How does this help avoid the probate process?

Essentially, a living trust is similar to a will. Still, you don’t need to wait for a probate judge to distribute the assets. A living trust names a specific trustee to manage and divide your assets. Your trustee will also pay all debts and handle your funeral costs. Living wills can be either revocable or irrevocable. Talk to your probate attorney to see if a living will is a suitable choice for your estate.

Joint Property Ownership

Joint property ownership is exactly as it sounds. This is most common with married couples, but there are two types of joint property ownership. The first is joint tenancy. This means that if one owner passes away, the other will inherit the property without going through the probate process.

On the other hand, joint ownership is community property with the right to survivorship. To avoid probate with joint ownership, you need to be sure that your legal documents include the term “right to survivorship.” This will automatically pass the property to the surviving owner when the other dies.

Naming Beneficiaries

In some states, you can simply avoid probate by naming beneficiaries on accounts that allow asset protection. This is a good option for individuals who don’t have enough assets for a living trust. Several accounts allow you to name a beneficiary and assign assets to be “payable on death” or “transferred upon death.” These include:

  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement plans
  • 401k plans
  • IRA accounts
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Life insurance policies
  • Pension plans
  • Real estate ownership

Since probate law varies from state to state, talk to your probate attorney to determine whether opening any of these accounts can help you avoid the probate process.

Discuss Your Estate with an Experienced Probate Attorney for the Best Results

If you want to avoid probate and ensure your loved ones get your assets without hassle, it’s important to talk to a probate attorney. For all your Lancaster probate needs, trust Derryberry & Associates to help. Call today for your free consultation!

What Is Probate Guardianship?

Probate guardianship is when a court appoints an adult who is not a parent of the child to take care of the child or his/her financial assets. For probate guardianship to occur, the child must not be involved in a case in family court or juvenile court.

There are primarily two types of probate guardianships: probate guardianship of a person and probate guardianship of an estate. Let’s explore the difference.

What Is Probate Guardianship of a Person?

Probate guardianship of a person gives a guardian the legal authority and responsibility for a child’s care, supervision, health, wellbeing, and education. They are in charge of the juvenile’s cognitive, physical, and emotional development. It’s the guardian’s job to provide a safe and supportive environment where the child can thrive. The main objective of probate guardianship is to provide the love, care, and support a child needs to become an independent, respectful adult.

When a guardian is appointed to a minor, the rights of the parents are most likely deceased or incapacitated. The parents cannot make decisions related to the child’s finances, education, healthcare, and shelter. The guardian is now responsible for providing for the child and answering any legal and financial implications caused by the child. In some cases, guardians may be given additional responsibilities, such as adhering to visitation plans with the child’s siblings, grandparents, or other relatives.

If a relative is not named by legal documentation as the guardian, the court will appoint one. The court sets conditions if someone wants to become a guardian. The court will order a complete background check and evaluation of the caretaker. They also have to go to parenting and counseling classes to have all the resources necessary to raise the child. In most cases, children above 14 years of age have a say in naming their guardians. More than one person can be appointed by the court to act as co-guardians.

What Is Probate Guardianship Of an Estate?

Probate guardianship of an estate refers to the appointment of a conservator to manage a minor child’s financial assets. They are responsible for educational fees, living expenses, and any other financial obligations required that the minor can’t handle themselves. Conservators must keep accurate financial records and manage and allocate assets in the best interest of the child.

When is Probate Guardianship Terminated?

In most cases, probate guardianship is terminated when the adolescent reaches the age of 18, if they join the military, if they pass away, or have reached the specific age as outlined by the details of the estate. Marriage or adoption also serve as causes of probate guardianship termination. To terminate probate guardianship, the court must be involved. Guardianship termination begins when a relative or the child themself files a motion to end the probate guardianship.

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When to Replace Your Roof

If you wonder if it’s time to replace your roof, there are some things to consider before deciding. How old is your roof? Has it required frequent repairs? What kind of weather is it exposed to regularly?


Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to examine your roof. You can hire a professional roofer to provide a thorough inspection. Still, it’s good to know what they will look for, as several factors impact the life of your roof.


Signs of Damage that Impact the Lifespan of Your Roof


If you think it’s time to replace your roof, check for the following signs of damage:


Holes and Leaks


Sometimes some more minor cracks and holes accumulate moisture and cause progressive damage to your roof. If there is sunlight coming from the holes in the ceiling or water leaking into the interior of your home, you need to call a professional roofer for an inspection.


Curling Shingles


Buckling or curling shingles are a clear indication that you need repairs or possible roof replacement. Whether they were improperly installed, ruined from some sort of environmental disturbance, or aged out, you need to address these issues to avoid significant damage immediately.




If you notice leaks in your walls or ceilings, there is most likely a problem with your roof. It’s imperative to address these issues immediately to avoid water damage to the interior of your home. Contact your local roofer to see if leaks can be repaired without a total roof replacement.


Weather Damage


Intense weather conditions like heavy winds, hail storms, rain, and snow can cause damage to your roof. After a significant storm, check your roof for any signs of damage. Look for broken or missing shingles, fallen debris, and any other sign of damage. Harsh winds can lift your shingles, and hail storms can put holes in your roof. Talk to your local roofer immediately for storm damage repairs.


Damaged Shingles


Broken or damaged shingles can lead to significant water leaks that infiltrate the interior of your home. Your local roofer can inspect the damage and determine if a replacement is needed.


Problems with Your Flashing


Flashing is a critical component of a well-constructed roof. It is placed where the roof meets the walls of your home. If you have an issue with your flashing, water can seep into your walls, windows, and ceiling. Chimneys are known to be exposed to this type of problem because of algae formation and rust development in the area that leads to rotting. Ask your local roofer if you can repair your flashing rather than replacing your entire roof.


Complex Roof Issues


In some cases, roof problems are more severe. Ice dams can create pools of water that move under your shingles and create significant damage. If you have substantial damage, a total roof replacement is most likely the best course of action. Never try to fix a complex roof issue on your own. Talk to a professional roofer for help.


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What Should I Consider for Front Yard Fencing?

There are several reasons residential homeowners choose to install a fence on their property. Securing your yard is very important, especially when you have young children or spend a lot of time outside.


Residential fencing can be very useful in establishing a perimeter around your property that protects your home and family from the outside world. Still, there are several things to consider before installing your fence. Let’s take a look at the most popular options for front yard fencing.


Popular Options for Front Yard Fences


Here are some fencing options to consider for your front yard:


Iron Fencing


An iron fence provides you both beauty and security with its spiked railheads. Iron fences come in various colors and designs that can complement the visual look of your home. They are solid and durable, not quickly impacted by heavy winds, storms or rain. Iron fencing costs between $20-$30 per linear foot if you choose a traditional look. Iron is easy to maintain, but you need to watch for signs of rust.


Privacy Fencing


Privacy fencing is considered a great option if you want to enclose the perimeter of your home thoroughly. No one can even glance into your yard when the height of privacy fencing protects it. Most privacy fences are made up of either vinyl or wood. Although these fences are tall, they can still look great. Talk to your local fencing company about options for style and design. Privacy fencing is moderately priced. While wood is a less expensive option than vinyl, they are both affordable and easy to maintain.



Stone Fencing


If you want a classic, graceful look, stone fencing is an excellent option for your yard. It can give your yard a unique style that sets you apart from others in your neighborhood. Not only does stone fencing look great, but it also provides excellent security. You can choose from a variety of colors, styles, and designs, like cobblestone. A good fencing company will arrange your stone wall in a way that creates a beautiful pattern to enhance your curb appeal. Although stone fencing is slightly more expensive than other options, you’ll love the quality and versatility you get when you choose stone.


Chain Link Fencing


Perhaps one of the most popular options, chain link fencing, is commonly used because of its affordability. It’s an excellent choice for both security and privacy. Over the years, chain link fence materials have evolved to offer great visual aesthetics as well. Change link fences are incredibly durable and require little to no maintenance. They are easy to install, saving you even more money on labor costs. Chain link fencing prices vary depending on the style and design you choose. Still, they are the most affordable materials on the market today.


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How Does Video Pipe Inspection Help Residential Customers

Residential plumbing issues can create a major headache for homeowners. Unfortunately, these types of problems are inevitable. If you have a residential plumbing issue, it’s vital to call a professional plumber immediately. The sooner you get your problems fixed, the less likely you will experience significant, costly damage to your home.


Some of the most common plumbing issues occur within your plumbing lines, making it challenging to identify what’s genuinely going on. The good news is that a plumber has professional options to resolve your issues. Whether you have a leak or a clog, video pipe inspection can quickly and efficiently identify the problem and find a solution. Let’s look more closely at video pipe inspection.


What Is a Video Pipe Inspection?


Video pipe inspections are precisely as the name suggests. They use a high-definition camera attached to the end of a flexible plumbing snake to examine the inside of your plumbing systems. The cameras are lowered into pipes or drains, giving plumbers a closer look at your plumbing issues.


The high-definition camera shows a live feed that allows your plumber to look at the inside of your pipes and see what is causing your plumbing issues. Essentially, they take the guesswork out of identifying your plumbing issues. This saves you time and money as your plumber identifies your problems quickly and provides the appropriate solution.


Most Common Reasons Plumbers Use Video Pipe Inspection for Residential Customers


If you have a plumbing issue, you might wonder whether a video pipe inspection is necessary. Talk to a professional plumber to determine the best course of action for your specific problem. Video pipe inspections are commonly used to diagnose the following issues:


  • Drain clogs– Common signs of a clogged drain include pooling water, slow draining, and overflowing toilets. A video pipe inspection allows your plumber to go down into your pipes to see how far the clog goes. It will also help them identify the best tool to clear the clog.
  • Sewer line issues– Plumbing issues can appear to be a clogged drain but actually be a deeper issue with your sewer lines. You should fix broken or clogged sewer lines immediately to avoid costly damage to your plumbing system. A video pipe inspection camera can weave its way through your plumbing lines to your sewer lines to identify more profound issues.
  • Leaks– If you have a low water pressure or suspect there’s a leak in your pipes, your plumber can use an inspection camera to check for leaks or scaling.
  • Broken pipes or sewer lines– Broken pipes or sewer lines can result in significant water damage. Using a video pipe inspection camera, plumbers can identify broken pipes, clogged sewer lines, and other deterioration.


Contact a Professional La Verne Plumber for Video Pipe Inspection


Video pipe inspections give plumbers a real-time look at what is going on inside your plumbing system. If you have a clogged drain, pipe leak, or other residential plumbing issues, it’s essential to call a professional plumber immediately for help.


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