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Oil Change Myths Debunked

Oil Change Myths Debunked!

Getting an oil change is often a sore topic for many vehicle owners. There are many myths that can circulate concerning oil changes, so we will be debunking a few! Here are some of the most popular oil change myths and the real truth behind them!

Myth: You Need Thicker Oil For More Wear Protection

It is a common belief that thicker motor oil can provide more protection from wear to your engine, but this could not be further from the truth! It is not the thickness of the oil that can provide protection from wear, it is the anti-wear additives that come in the oil! All you have to do is keep an eye out for motor oils that have zinc or ZDDP. Using motor oil that is too thick can actually cause your engine to work less efficiently and provide issues for your vehicle in the future.

Myth: Dark Or Black Oil Needs To Be Changed ASAP

This is not at all true. Dark oil does not mean it needs to be changed, in fact, some of the clean additives in oil can cause it to darken as it works. Dark oil is simply a result of the oil itself doing what it is supposed to do. How can you tell when your oil needs to be changed? It is gritty or grainy.

Myth: You HAVE To Get Your Oil Changed Every 3,000 Miles

Though this can be a helpful rule of thumb, this statement does not cover every vehicle.  For example, some vehicles using high-quality oil do not need an oil change until every 8,000 to 10,000 miles. Some synthetic oils can even delay your oil change every 12,000 miles. If you are curious to know more about your specific vehicle and when it needs an oil change, consulting the owner’s manual is key.

Myth: All Oil Additives Are The Same

Varied oil additives can help your vehicle in different ways. Some additives can help oil perform under high pressure, while other additives can help older vehicles last longer. It all depends on the nature of the additives. However, it is important to note that oil additives are not superheroes, in that they cannot add horsepower to your engine or vastly improve your car’s performance.

Need An Oil Change?

Getting an oil change is meant to help your vehicle! This is why it is recommended car owners get an oil change when needed, never choosing to delay or skip a service. By getting an oil change, you are ensuring your vehicle is performing at a great pace, as well as preventing issues that can harm your engine down the road. If you are looking for a professional auto shop to complete your oil change in Yucaipa, Import Automotive is the dedicated team to turn to. We will get to work on leaving your car in great working condition!

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Air conditioner Service

How To Keep Your AC Equipment Running Efficiently

While it may seem an easy task to service the own air conditioning unit, that requires specialized equipment and can end up being dangerous at times. A person should leave air conditioner servicing to certified professionals who have the education, expertise, and equipment to help to make the job profitable. Listed below are usually some steps you can take to keep your method running at peak performance. This approach, you can stay cool and comfy all summer very long without worrying about your air conditioner’s safety. This article can direct you through these steps.
Cleaning the evaporator

Clean your current evaporator at least one time a new year by next these simple steps. Using a backyard sprayer, spray container, or grip, combine hot water in addition to a simple cleanser and dispense this over the evaporator coils. Spray the evaporator coils and enable the solution to soak. Wipe away from any loose dust with a soft fabric. Repeat as necessary to remove accumulated dirt and debris.
Checking for leaks

Leak detection is definitely an important aspect of air conditioner service. If you notice that your own AC is jogging at low strain, it could always be an indicator of a new leak inside the evaporator coil. Luckily, right now there are several ways to detect leaks and ensure that you receive the best quality service. If you believe that there is usually a leak within the evaporator coils, you can ask your AC services technician to add the fluorescent dye in order to the system. The dye, when mixed with lubricant, will change color to a new bright yellow-green. When your technician provides the fluorescent dye, make sure of which he uses manufacturer-approved dye. Otherwise, typically the dye may cause damage to the surroundings conditioner and lubricant.
Checking for debris

Cleaning the outside unit of your respective surroundings conditioner is the vital part associated with maintenance. Debris by windblown trash, results in, and shrubs can all block typically the airflow throughout your outside unit. To avoid this, you should eliminate debris from your outdoor unit from least once a week using a solid brush or a new hose having a reduced pressure. If possible, take away plants from the area near your unit in order to prevent a congestion. Grass must in addition be kept aside from outdoor devices to prevent them from being destroyed.
Checking for clogs

Checking for professional clogs during air-conditioning support can be competing, specifically if you don’t know where to seem. In addition in order to not having the right tools to deal with clogs, you might also not really know where to be able to start when washing your drain traces. That’s where an air-conditioning service will come in handy. Listed beneath are the steps you can take to clean your drain lines.

Changing the accumulator

Changing typically the accumulator during air flow conditioning repair or perhaps service is a new complicated procedure. The accumulator controls typically the amount of coolant that flows in the evaporator, which lowers air before coming it into the cabin. The accumulator also removes surplus moisture and helps prevent internal parts coming from becoming damaged. Changed parts should include oil put into all of them. When accumulators are usually malfunctioning, you’ll listen to rattling noises and even smells once the AIR CONDITIONING UNIT is on. AC Appliance Co