5 Common Household Items You Should Be Reusing

There are many household items that we discard daily without a second thought. That’s because most people don’t know many of the things that can be recycled and reused. From the plastic back you got at the grocery store to the can of soda you just finished, many daily items can be recycled.



Let’s take a look at some things you should consider recycling before tossing them in the trash.


Common Daily Items You Can Recycle


The list of things that can be recycled is endless. For starters, here are five everyday household items that you should be reused for other purposes instead of discarding them.


1.   Paper Bags


No shopping is complete without some sort of bags to carry your items. While many people bring their own reusable bags these days, how often do you forget yours at home when running out to the store quickly. If you get a paper bag at the store, you should think twice before throwing it in the trash. Paper bags aren’t just recyclable, but they can also be reused for a variety of different needs in your home. If you don’t throw them in the recycling bin, keep them for later use!


2.   Glass Jars


Glass jars can also be reused. There are several ways of reusing glass jars in your everyday life besides tossing them in the recycle. Wash out old jars and peel off the labels. Use them to plant your favorite flower. Or, repurpose them to pack your salad for lunch at work. Add a little salad dressing, close the jar, shake it up, and you have a perfectly dressed healthy lunch. Glass jars can also be sterilized in boiling water and reused to store sauces and pickles.


3.   Clothes


If you have clothes that you no longer want to wear or are thinking about discarding, you can repurpose them for many uses. Cut out old clothes to make pillow covers, sofa cushions, or quilts. Clothes like T-shirts wear out after a while. Use them for cleaning rags. Old socks can be used as dry erase markers or to apply a shoe polish to your dress shoes.


4.   Plastic Bags and Containers

Plastic bags are one of the most commonly used recyclable materials. Instead of throwing out your plastic grocery bags, reuse them to line small trash cans as a laundry bag while traveling, or take them to the grocery shop and get a second use out of them. Whatever you do, don’t toss them in the garbage!


5.   Egg Cartons


Used egg cartons are a tremendous gardening resource when used as a seed starter. Simply fill them with soil, plant your seeds, and watch them sprout!  Besides being used in your garden, egg cartons can be reused as paint cups for kids’ artwork projects, drawer organizers for small earrings and other tiny items, Christmas decoration storage, and hardware organizers for nuts and screws and bolts.


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