Best Supplements for Aging Dogs

Although you want your dog to live forever, it’s impossible to stop your dog from aging. Still, you can help your dog to live a healthy life with the proper care. The pet industry features a broad range of dietary supplements that work to retain your dog’s cognitive abilities and help them live a long life.


Before you give your dog any supplements, talk to your veterinarian for advice. Here is some more information about good supplements for aging dogs.


Why Are Supplements Important for Aging Dogs?


Just like humans, dogs go through a normal aging process as they get older. For example, they can suffer from painful joints that make walking, climbing, and running difficult. Hearing and sight can also fade in older dogs, and their teeth will begin to fall out with age. Moreover, their muscle mass decreases, and you’ll even notice that some dogs’ hair goes gray in their later years. While it’s vital to keep your dog on a healthy diet at all ages, it’s critical as they age.


Feeding your dog the right food is the first step in keeping them healthy. You can also add supplements to help keep your dog as healthy as possible. Here’s why supplements are essential:


  • Amino acids like glucosamine and chondroitin are beneficial to keep your puppy’s joints healthy through the years. It also works to reduce joint pain as they get older. These amino acids support regeneration in the joint while increasing your dog’s mobility.
  • Omega 3 supplements support your dog’s brain, heart, and eyes health.


You should keep a regular schedule of veterinary visits to keep your dog healthy. Your vet can recommend excellent supplements for your aging dog.


Best Supplements for Dogs


There is a wide range of supplements available on the market for aging dogs. While you should always look to your veterinarian for a recommendation, here are some popular options:


Nutri-Vet Senior-Vite for Senior Dogs


This supplement is created in the US with the best ingredients to support your dog’s overall health during aging. The supplements are chewable, making them suitable for all breeds and sizes.


Hip and Joint Supplements for Dogs


Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs is an excellent option for dogs who have issues walking, standing, or climbing. If you notice your dog is having more trouble moving than before,  hip and joint supplements can ease discomfort and help your dog live an active life.  These supplements also come in chewable tablets that are beneficial for all aging dogs.


Nutrition Strength Cognitive Support for Dogs


These products incorporate D-Alpha-Tocopheryl succinate to improve nerve cell communication. They are designed to assist aging dogs in staying active throughout their daily life. The supplement will also improve joint mobility and will help the dogs to move effortlessly. These supplements can help the dogs improve their joint function and strengthen their heart.


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