Floor Drain Maintenance Tips

Floor drains are effectively designed to drain out excess water into the sewer so your floor remains dry and doesn’t flood with water. However, a floor drain only works if there’s a clear pipe for water to flow freely. Floor drains get clogged for several reasons. It’s crucial to keep them properly maintained so you don’t have to deal with water issues from clogged drains.


Maintaining your floor drain is critical to prevent water back up from flooding your property and damaging your belongings.


Floor Drain Maintenance Tips


Here are some great tips to keep your floor drains working well:


Routine Drain Cleaning


Piles of hair, soap residue, heavy liquids, and other contaminants enter your floor drain while taking a shower or washing your floor. Hiring a professional drain cleaning service for a routine cleaning can help you keep your floor drains clean and free from buildup that can cause flooding.


The floor drain can easily be opened, revealing the cover and the filter. A professional drain cleaning company will remove your filter and clean it thoroughly to keep your drains clear. They will also check slightly deeper into your drains to make sure there’s no buildup. If you still face issues with water drainage, talk to the experts about a possible pipe blockage or sewer issue.


Prevent Drains from Drying


A solution of soap and water can help you maintain your floor drain. If you have not cleaned your floor drain for a more extended period, the dryness of your drain can easily lead to clogs. If you are not using your drains regularly, you should periodically pour soap and water down your drain to keep it active. Mop your floor drain to remove any additional debris and push water through your drain effectively.


Make sure soap is mixed with equal parts of water. Creating a solution that is too thick can lead to even more problems with your drain.


Avoid Pushing Dirt and Other Debris into Drains


While it can quickly become a habit to push dirt, debris, and other scraps into the drains, do your best to avoid putting anything but water down the drain. Even the smallest dirt particles can build up and cause significant clogs in your plumbing system.


If you do have a clog due to dirt and debris, talk to your local plumber about clearing your drains. They can advise you to try to remove the clog yourself, but if it’s not easy, you should hire a professional to do the job. While you can buy a plumber’s snake at any hardware store, don’t attempt to snake a drain yourself as you can cause more damage.


Hire a Local Plumber for Routine Drain Cleaning Services


If you have floor drains in your home or business, routine drain cleaning in Palmdale can keep your drains working at optimal capacity. Clogged drains can damage your entire plumbing system and require costly repairs. Contact Antelope Valley Plumbing today for all your drain cleaning needs!


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