How Does Video Pipe Inspection Help Residential Customers

Residential plumbing issues can create a major headache for homeowners. Unfortunately, these types of problems are inevitable. If you have a residential plumbing issue, it’s vital to call a professional plumber immediately. The sooner you get your problems fixed, the less likely you will experience significant, costly damage to your home.


Some of the most common plumbing issues occur within your plumbing lines, making it challenging to identify what’s genuinely going on. The good news is that a plumber has professional options to resolve your issues. Whether you have a leak or a clog, video pipe inspection can quickly and efficiently identify the problem and find a solution. Let’s look more closely at video pipe inspection.


What Is a Video Pipe Inspection?


Video pipe inspections are precisely as the name suggests. They use a high-definition camera attached to the end of a flexible plumbing snake to examine the inside of your plumbing systems. The cameras are lowered into pipes or drains, giving plumbers a closer look at your plumbing issues.


The high-definition camera shows a live feed that allows your plumber to look at the inside of your pipes and see what is causing your plumbing issues. Essentially, they take the guesswork out of identifying your plumbing issues. This saves you time and money as your plumber identifies your problems quickly and provides the appropriate solution.


Most Common Reasons Plumbers Use Video Pipe Inspection for Residential Customers


If you have a plumbing issue, you might wonder whether a video pipe inspection is necessary. Talk to a professional plumber to determine the best course of action for your specific problem. Video pipe inspections are commonly used to diagnose the following issues:


  • Drain clogs– Common signs of a clogged drain include pooling water, slow draining, and overflowing toilets. A video pipe inspection allows your plumber to go down into your pipes to see how far the clog goes. It will also help them identify the best tool to clear the clog.
  • Sewer line issues– Plumbing issues can appear to be a clogged drain but actually be a deeper issue with your sewer lines. You should fix broken or clogged sewer lines immediately to avoid costly damage to your plumbing system. A video pipe inspection camera can weave its way through your plumbing lines to your sewer lines to identify more profound issues.
  • Leaks– If you have a low water pressure or suspect there’s a leak in your pipes, your plumber can use an inspection camera to check for leaks or scaling.
  • Broken pipes or sewer lines– Broken pipes or sewer lines can result in significant water damage. Using a video pipe inspection camera, plumbers can identify broken pipes, clogged sewer lines, and other deterioration.


Contact a Professional La Verne Plumber for Video Pipe Inspection


Video pipe inspections give plumbers a real-time look at what is going on inside your plumbing system. If you have a clogged drain, pipe leak, or other residential plumbing issues, it’s essential to call a professional plumber immediately for help.


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