Tips for Maintaining Your Septic Tank System

Knowing how to maintain and care for your septic tank system will help it last longer and work more effectively. Septic tank system maintenance is essential to protect your property and ensure that your system is working as it should. Since the typical septic tank replacement costs between $3,000-$7,000, maintaining your system is essential if you want to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Routine maintenance septic tank pumping is critical to keep your system working effectively. Regular septic system maintenance can save you money on costly repairs and contribute to a healthy and safe living environment. Let’s look at some simple tips for maintaining your septic tank system.


Top Tips to Maintain Your Septic Tank System


Check out the following tips for septic tank maintenance:


1.   High-Pressure Water Jetting


Septic systems can collect sediment and other waste in the drain pipes regardless of how well your system is pumped. These gradually accumulate over time and clogs the pipelines connecting the septic tank and the drain field. When a clog occurs in your system, it can cause your tank to run inefficiently.


A skilled septic tank company can remove clogs using high-pressure water jetting. Depending on the frequency of use, you should plan to hire a high-pressure water jetting service every five years to remove and clean any debris that may be affecting your system’s efficiency.


2.    Use a Bacteria Additive


Septic system owners should use a live organic bacteria additive that breaks down the presence of artificial chemicals and solids, such as detergents and soaps that can occasionally infiltrate your septic system. These common home chemicals destroy the naturally existing bacteria that allow your septic system to work efficiently. Bacteria additives are affordable and a great way to keep your pipes clean, clear, and odor-free while also keeping your system running smoothly.


3.   Avoid Using Hazardous Chemicals


You should not use hazardous chemicals when you have a septic system. Typical household detergents, bleaches, and other household substances can be used in the septic tank without affecting the bacterial additives. However, motor oil, paint thinners, gasoline, and other harsh chemicals should never be poured down the sink or flushed down the toilet because they will build up in your tank and damage it over time. Instead, these items should be disposed of properly, as directed on the product label.


4.   Protect Your Septic Tank System


It is critical to preserve the environment around your septic system, especially the ground above it, to maintain your system effectively. Make sure the space around the septic tank is always covered with grass to protect the soil. Do not build any structures above your septic system, such as playgrounds, hot tubs, gazebos, decks, or parking areas. Never drive over your septic system, especially with heavy vehicles and machinery. The better you protect your septic tank system, the better your system will work over time.

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