What Causes a Fridge to Leak Water?

Have you ever headed to the kitchen to grab something from the fridge and discovered that your feet are wet? While you may assume that someone has spilled something on the floor, you need to consider that the cause may be a significant leak or a more significant problem.


A leaking fridge is highly dangerous for many reasons. It poses various risks such as electric shock, a slipping hazard, or possible floor damage. Water leaks indicate a malfunctioning refrigerator. To avoid the risk from any of these problems, the issue causing the fridge to leak should be addressed immediately.


Before you start looking into the problem or call a professional to repair it for you, you need to be aware of some causes of a fridge leak. The problem typically occurs in the interior defroster drain line, known as an inside water leak. A problem with the ice maker or water line is known as a rear water leak. Problems due to a clogged drain tube can also arise. If it is a drain pan issue, then it is referred to as the bottom center leak.


Common Causes of a Leaky Fridge


Leaky refrigerators can be caused by the following:


1.   Clogged Defrost Drain


If your fridge is leaking from the inside, this indicates that you probably have a clogged defrost drain in the freezer. Today’s freezers constantly produce condensation as they run on the cycle of freezing and defrosting. Sometimes the excess moisture travels down the defrost drain and is caught by the drain pan under the fridge.


This small drain can easily get blocked with food particles, ice chunks, and more. As water builds up from the defrost cycle, it leaks out of the refrigerator and onto your floor. You can quickly fix this yourself, as most drain lines are positioned behind the crisper drawers. You should remove the top of the drain outlet and inspect it for any clogs. If you find any, you should break them down with hot water. If the issue cannot be resolved in this manner, you should call a professional for assistance.


2.   Water Valve or Pipe Failure


A water leak at the rear of your refrigerator typically occurs because of a failure from a water valve or pipe that’s operating your water dispenser or ice maker. If this issue occurs, you should let a certified technician handle it. Still, you can help save time by recognizing the problem early and pinpointing the exact leaking area. If you can’t get a plumber out immediately, you should cut off the electricity to your appliance until help arrives.


3.   Faulty Water Filter


Today’s refrigerators have a water filter that should be replaced every seven to twelve months. Not doing this on time can cause water to leak out of your fridge. Other issues of water filters that lead to water leakage include a poor connection between the filter and the supply line, improper installation of the filter, incorrect size, or using the wrong model.


Contact a Professional for All Your Plumbing Needs


If you have an issue with your residential refrigerator, contact a reliable local Victorville plumber immediately for help!

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